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I was in San Diego for a week of March.  My husband and I go there every year about this time to escape the awful winter.  For the past 9 years we have done all of the main attractions San Diego has to offer.  The San Diego Zoo, Sea World, Balboa Park, the Gaslamp District, the USS Midway, La Jolla, Fashion Valley, Coronado Island, Point Loma, Crystal Pier, Mission Beach and all of the fabulous restaurants along the way.  So this year we went with no plans except eating at all of our favorite restaurants and if something came up that we wanted to do, we did it.

Early in our stay we went to this cool restaurant called Cucina Urbana.  I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere.  It was designed with all re-purposed materials.  It was really inspiring seeing all you can do with waste.

Look at this cool wall that was made out of plywood.  I plan on making one of these with our leftover paint when I get a chance.

The main purpose of my blog is to re-purpose things and to make things that are green.  It is so nice to see restaurants take the initiative to reduce waste.  While I was away on vacation I wasn’t able to post anything but I did get lots of ideas.  I will be posting these ideas shortly.

Eating was the main focus of our vacation, and of course visiting my in-laws which I always look forward to.  I didn’t get too many pictures taken because I have taken pictures of everything already.

We stay on Mission Bay, a walk from Pacific Beach.  Several of the neighbors who have dogs go on a group dog walk.  Sadly, the latter half of our stay was too cold and rainy otherwise I would have taken some fun pics from that.  The last night we were there it ended up being somewhat warm, so I did get a couple of good shots.

I thought this was a cute picture (above) with Ben’s mom holding up Abby, a Maltese. Below B. and Auggie.

I got a lot of shopping in.  I came to realize that I actually enjoy shopping for clothes for my husband more than me.  We went to Banana Republic, with no intention of buying, just to see what kind of clothes we can dress up my husband in.  We had a fun time with that.  My husband definitely enjoys letting me dress him up.  I actually got the okay to get him something pink.  Shocked!

On our last full day we went to a little dessert place called Krasney’s.

I think it would be so cool to own a store that serves desserts like this.  I would probably be hugely overweight though.  A dessert like that above is something we do once a year.  It is truly too pretty to eat.  Below is what I ate.

I was trying to stick to a low sugar diet just before vacation and during the first part.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to stick to it knowing that Krasney’s was coming up.  This was so worth it though.  I am back to struggling with my sugar addiction.  It is definitely a tough one to break.

Most of our vacation we spent relaxing, reading, shopping and eating.  That is what vacation should be about, right?

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