Anti-consumerism and Freeganism

I hate clutter and I hate waste.  These two little things can be removed from my life.  It would require a huge life change.  I am no expert on the topics of anti-consumerism and freeganism but I want to use this blog to educate myself more and my audience on how we can contribute to reducing non-necessary buying and reducing waste.

When I decided to start a blog, I wanted it more than a blog to post craft projects.  I wanted to post challenges to myself and you to help live a greener life.   I want to educate myself on how to live more green and inspire you to also.  Today’s blog I hope to do just that.

I should briefly describe these two topics.  Anti-consumerism is summarized by cutting our self off of material possessions, ie all of our wants.  Freeganism, a more extreme movement, is defined as using alternative living strategies that followers remove themselves from society completely.  Freegans use the ideal of foraging and squatting (living in abandoned or unused buildings).  Freegans take what people don’t want (trash) and use these goods to survive.

I am not on the path to ever become a full blown freegan but I understand their ideals.  The idea of using other peoples trash makes me want to plan my meals so all of our food gets used.  Or instead of buying a new shirt going to the thrift store.   I may never dumpster dive, but I may go boulevard shopping during spring cleaning.  I have found useful home things, like a desk chair and laundry basket that are good quality.

Anyways, I am more in line with anti-consumerism.  I would like to give you two resources that have made me want to change my life in this regard.  Please spend some time checking this out.  It is well worth your time.

  1. The Story of Stuff video.  Click the link to watch a 20 minute video that is actually quite entertaining and educational.  Annie Leonard narrates the video describing the product life cycle and how companies create products that are designed for the trash.  They are purchased only to be replaced quickly.
  2. A book that I read called, “Not Buying It” by Judith Levine gave me in site what living without wants for a year would be like.  The idea of not buying things just for status or convenience may seem difficult, but can save you lots of money and save us lots of time to get in tune with your family.

I fully support the idea of freeganism.  If there are people out there who will use other people’s garbage, I say “go for it!  Why not?”  I will continue my quest to reduce my desire to purchase things that I want.  It is very easy for me to keep products that still have use or value.  This is no big deal.  Of course, the feeling of buying a new shirt or shoes always feels good.  But, I do like the idea of saving money.

I have a new challenge for myself.  I am going to use the rest of April to not purchase wants.  This may be difficult since it is planting season, BUT I am going to give it my all.  I will control my urge to spend on things that I think are needs when they are actually wants.  Will you be willing to take a simple challenge?  For 2 weeks, cut back on unnecessary spending?  Not purchase things that are just to be replaced quickly?   Let me know how you will challenge yourself.  I would love to hear about it.


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