Blog Spotlight: Guy Goes Green

If you want to learn a little something about being green, I suggest checking out the blog Guy Goes Green.   My husband started this blog to make me happy, sort of.  The intention was to go a year, each week there would be one green task for him to take on.   We attempted to pull him away from plastic bags, reduce water usage and to stop junk mail.  The blog is full of educational articles and ways to reduce our dependency on energy and waste.

If you are looking to have a greener Christmas, you should read these articles:

1.  Overconsumption

2.  Green Shopping Websites

3.  Pictures of our Recycling Christmas

4.  Real or fake Christmas tree – Which is greener?

5.  What are some ways to cut back on electricity costs

Those are our best blog posts that will help you save this holiday season!  Enjoy!

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