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I decided that I am going to give myself homework every week and find a blog that I enjoy.  While I am Pinteresting, I always come across one or two that I want to keep track of.  This will also allow me to add to my blog roll and to give you some cool new websites to check out.

This first one was sort of a no-brainer.  I have been following this blog for years, and it also belongs to one of my friends.  She loves to cook and also loves to take pictures so it was ideal that she creates a cooking blog.  She has an equal mixture of sweet and savory recipes and keeps it light by adding a touch of humor when she updates us on what’s going on in her life.

Some of my favorite recipes that I have tried and/or baked myself:

  1. Rum Raising Truffles -How can you go wrong with treats like these?
  2. Pumpkin Swirl Bread – This is even good to freeze.
  3. Bubble Up Enchiladas – This is so easy and yummy!
  4. Oreo Truffles – This is my go to gift – work treat.  This is hard to keep around my house though because they don’t last long.

Those are a few of my favorite recipes.  There have to be hundreds of recipes on that website, surely something for everyone.  You should check it out soon because there is a Recipe Book Giveaway going on right now through August 1st.  You can either like her Facebook page or comment on her blog.  So go check it out.  You will not be sorry!

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