Some Fun Photos

I am no photographer, but I do love to take pictures.  I think sometimes I do have a good eye for a good shot. Most of the time it’s luck and a lot of patience.  Maybe that is the ingredients to a good photographer.  However, I do not intend on quitting my job and taking pictures for a living.  I do not have the patience to direct a photo shoot, let alone direct people.  But it’s fun to be proud of a good shot once you upload it to your computer.  Here are a couple of my favorites.  Some are recent, some are a little bit older but I came across it while I was searching for it.  I hope you enjoy!

My aunts kitty Fiona.

My foster kitty Pandora.  She got adopted into a loving home.

Duluth, MN in September.

Hay bales in rural Minnesota.

Buffalo in Yellowstone National Park.

Two of my furbabies, Hansel and Gretel.

Skyscrapers in downtown Minneapolis.

Maui Hawaii.

San Fransisco, near the Wharf.