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My first year flower/rose gardening has proven to be a difficult feat.  Trying to fix your soil so your roses survive and keeping them cool is definitely a lot of work.  Weeding too is a full time job.  But in the end, I enjoy walking over to my garden and seeing all of the beautiful blooms.  I am in the process of removing some of my yard that is too narrow to use for anything.  It will save me gas and horrible fumes of our lawn mower.  I want to put in quite a few drought resistant plants because if next year is like this year, and a lack of rain our garden will not survive.

Other than gardening, I have a few other projects coming up.  We will be canning some pickle spears today.  With our CSA, we received quite a few pickling cucumbers and we LOVE pickles.  We have never canned pickles before so this will be something that we will be learning.   We have canned lots of Jam, apple pie filling, and stewed tomatoes so it is about time to can new stuff.

My husband is also going to learn how to brew his own beer.  This is something he has wanted to do for a long time.  Yesterday he brought home all of the tools that he needed to do that.   I will post on that also, in case you are interested in trying something like that also.

I also want to make some cranberry infused vodka.  I figure cranberry flavor is something that will go with many types of drinks and I have some frozen cranberries that I need to use.  Plus, starting this now, will give me time to have it ready for Christmas so it can be a good gift.  I have started thinking about Christmas gifts already and what I will make/buy.  I think a lot of my posts can be made into gifts somehow.

I also have a fun project with magazines that I want to try.  I have an abundance of magazines hanging around our home so this will help use some of those up.  If only I can find stuff to do with my Christmas wrapping paper.  I still have about 5 bags of it.  This is wrapping paper that I saved from being thrown into the landfill, not new paper.

I will be busy lady if I complete all of these projects.  Hopefully you come back and check out my blog again.

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