Gardening Inside? Why Not?

There is not much that I love more than being able to grow my own veggies.  Except my cats…and definitely my husband.  I do love to travel quite a bit too…BUT, I think it says quite a bit if you grow your own veggies, AND cook with them.  Eating fresh and organic veggies is not only healthy, but green.  And I am on a mission to be as green as possible.

I pinned something not long ago and I had to see how easy it was.  You can start growing your own celery from kitchen scraps.  You just start with what is left over after you have used all of your celery, place it in water for a few days, then replant it in soil.

You can also do this with green onions too.

This would be awesome, to grow your own pineapples.

And Romaine!  This is so cool!

If you are like me and do not have garden space to plant your own veggies – OR – you just love having fresh veggies when it’s snowing outside, try planting some of these veggies in a a small planter.  If you have enough space, or a sun room, you could literally keep yourself fed all winter long just by planting these veggies inside.

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