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I am sorry that I haven’t crafted anything lately.  It is so hard to start something after a long day of work; where all you want to do is sit on the sofa and nod off.  I have lots of projects that I want to start.  I have a garden ready to go in and a house that I need to empty.  We had our house on the market since August last year at least and no offers.  We heard about someone who wanted to rent so we are about to hand over the keys.  At least we will have a few less bills, for now anyways.

I also had someone from the city come to our house and mark all of the underground wires and pipes so when I want to dig up my yard I know where to avoid.  These are a few of my weekend projects.  I do also want to start some of my projects that I have been saving things for.

Until then, I found a few websites/projects on the web that were an inspiring way to use trash.  I hope you enjoy them.

DIY Broom made out of pop bottles.

Candy wrapper handbags.

Plastic bag basket.

Light bulb terrarium.

Jean pocket cat bed.

Ok, so I threw that last one in there for the heck of it.  Wasn’t it cute?  If you don’t know me, one thing you will find out is I LOVE cats.  Like, crazy LOVE.  Right now I have my 22 lb orange kitty Milo on my left, and my black angora kitty kneading my leg on my right.  Across the room, my girl kitty keeps her distance.  She is a little skiddish.  Milo is the only one who knows his name.  The other two I just call kitty.  At age 9, it is probably too late to teach them their real names: Hansel and Gretel.

This weekend I plan on getting started gardening.  I would like to put in a lilac bush by our kitchen window, and I plan to dig up an unused portion of our yard and put plants in.  I want to cut down on time and gas used on mowing that section, so why not put in some weather resistant grasses and such?  I can’t wait until weekend…


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