Is Packaging Free Products In Our Future?

I hope so!  And the sooner the better!  I came across an article today about a designer named Aaron Mickelson.   He is attempting to solve the overproduction of waste created from packaging.  Just think of all of the “single-serving” products you use every day.  My coffee creamer and stevia packets are all single serving.  I go through one or two every day.  We have become so accustomed to these items that it would be hard to live without.  

Anyways, just a visual image: “Every year, Americans generate a lot of solid waste. In 2010, 250 million tons, according to the EPA. A full 30 percent of that (about 76 million tons) comes from packaging — it’s the biggest culprit.”

Mickelson intends to rid of packaging all together.  His thesis project called, The Disappearing Package, was created to improve the functionality of packaging.  By picking products that consumers purchase regularly, like Tide, Twinings and Nivea, for example, will give consumers the chance to see these products in a different way.

He researched materials and processes that would be non toxic, create the least amount of waste possible, and packaging that is safe.  Packaging does serve a purpose of getting products safely from production to homes, but mostly is “over-engineered.”

I think this article shows futuristic thinking and hopefully will become something that is readily available.  Kudos to Mr. Mickelson!


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