It’s Not Easy Being Green

When it is 90 degrees or above almost every day, one is almost excited for winter to come.  I hate having the air conditioner running constantly, having to turn on the sprinkler on so the grass doesn’t die and just being miserable standing outside.  It really makes me wonder if this is a symptom of global warming.

I continue to do my part living a greener life.  I just filled my car up with gas Saturday for this first time in 2 months and 1 week.  That is the longest time I have ever went without filling up.  I have been biking almost everywhere I need to go to save on gas and to cut back my carbon footprint.  I haven’t use my clothes dryer all summer, even though my husband hates how they feel stiff.  I don’t notice though.

I wasn’t too shocked when I heard about Greenland’s ice melt.  Sometimes knowing this stuff freaks me out.  Wondering what else will happen next?  Do I even want to know?  Is what I am doing to help the environment even helping?  We need a lot more environmentalists or “green” people than we currently have.

This blog is more than making stuff, it’s also about educating about environmental news, and simple life changes for living a greener life.

Back to Greenland.  Apparently the ice melt happened in a span of 4 days and affected 97 per cent of Greenland’s land mass.  This melting did increase the sea level but only by 3 millimeters.  Scientists say that if the entire ice sheet in Greenland melted it would have a devastating effect.  However they don’t see that happening right now.  But now is the time to make changes.  We need to help spread the word on living more simply and green.  And hopefully with enough persuasion more people will make some sacrifices.  Let me know if there is anything you have to add.  I would love to hear from you!

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