Modern Conveniences

Sometimes spending the extra bit of money on something due to added convenience is worth it.  This really goes against my ideals of being a more green person.  Lots of convenience items are very non-green.  Like bottled water, automobiles and dryers.  Yet, we can’t see ourselves removing these conveniences from our lives.

Yesterday I spent 30 minutes considering a purchase of 2 items.  A purchase-ready 11 x 17 picture frame or the individual pieces that I would have to assemble myself but for cheaper.  The price difference between the two options were maybe 2 bucks, but the time involved thinking about the savings and the time that would have been spent finding all of the pieces and assembling was worth 5 bucks easy.  I persuaded myself to purchased the convenience-purchase ready frame.

Other instances that can be used as an example are home improvement projects.  Sometimes these projects should be left for the pros.  I decided to save myself about $500 by installing my own tile floor.  This sucked, simply.  It was a learning experience, example…I learned as I went.  Ripping out the carpet was the easy part.   I spent every weekend cutting concrete board, renting equipment that I didn’t have, and lying one tile at a time.  Don’t get me wrong, it turned out marvelously, but I could have spent my weekends doing much cooler things.  If anything would have gone wrong with my install, it could have been very wasteful throwing materials away.

The moral of the story is: sometimes it’s okay to spend a bit more.   Somethings to think about are the cost difference for sure, but also the amount of waste produced by each option, the amount of time consumed (in terms of labor) and the affect on the environment, of course.

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