Ruched Garland

Christmas was pretty good in our family.  We celebrate with my husbands side on Christmas Eve, and my side on Christmas Day.  We had 2 days of good eating and not having to clean or cook.  Can’t beat that.

Sadly though, we had to put down our dog Charlie on December 29th.  Charlie had been battling lymphoma since October so we are lucky to have had him this long.  He didn’t suffer, actually he was pretty spoiled.  He got lots of treats, and home cooked meals.  He actually gained 6 pounds since we found something wrong.  He was a beautiful, patient and loyal dog, and we will never forget him.

I was inspired by Make It Give It’s blog about Dictionary Garland.  I wanted to try something that I could hang easily on my Christmas tree.  While we were decorating our tree it was missing something, and I realized, I haven’t added any type of garland to our tree in years.  So this was a project I figured I could try.

My idea was to purchase some ribbon and elastic cord and create a garland that looks ruched, or gathered.  It was a little bit more difficult to do than I had thought because the ribbon I used wasn’t very good.  At least I was able to get enough garland to use up the entire length of my ribbon.

You will need just ribbon, elastic cord (I got the thinner kind), thread and a sewing machine.  And, probably a scissors because I had to start over several times.  I had to relearn how to thread a sewing machine.  In the end I did get it to work.

I placed the ribbon down, under the footer of the sewing machine.  I placed the elastic on top of that, and sewed a few stitches in order to attach the elastic to the ribbon.  Once they were sewn together a half inch, I lightly pulled on the elastic while I continued sewing the ribbon and elastic together.  This will give it that bunched up look that I was going after.  You do not have to pull hard to get a nice gather, just a little.  Just make sure you are sewing straight down the middle of the ribbon and elastic.  Keeping straight while tugging the elastic is hard to do.

This project has many ways that you can make different just by changing the width of the ribbon, or by adding layers of different materials, like newspaper, or dictionary pages like the inspiration blog above.

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