Saved From the Trash

Last week was Fargo’s designated Spring Clean Up week.  Our city gives us one week to put whatever we want to get rid of on the boulevard, besides hazardous wastes.  We had a few things that needed to go.  Stuff that was just so run down and trashed that no one would want.  Or so we thought.  You would be surprised what was picked up.  A fridge was the first thing to go.  Gone in about 30 minutes.  Granted it still worked (it was a friend’s and I did ask the husband if we could use a working fridge for our garage) but no one else knew that it still worked.  Also some blinds were taken, the really old fashioned kind.  Ones that were missing a few pieces.

I am a proud boulevard shopper.  I like to look around at what people throw out because you don’t know what will be useful/valuable for you.  I found a good quality desk chair and a laundry basket in good condition that we use frequently.  I am a bit picky with what I take since my husband just thinks it will end up as clutter.

We were putting stuff out and we contemplated putting out these 4 prints that were from the same artist.  I had been with my husband over 9 years now and 5 moves we never had these pictures hanging on the wall.  They were stored in our garage so naturally they got really dirty and dinged up.  I never really looked them over too well until this spring clean up.  I couldn’t throw them away.  I thought I could clean them up and donate them.

I thought once I started cleaning them up I would be disappointed.  On the contrary, I was surprised at what a little patience and cleaner could do to these prints.  Even though they have been in storage for a good decade, there wasn’t any smudges on the prints themselves or on the matting.  I shined them up and put them back together.  The glass was broken on one of the 4 prints so I am going to Hobby Lobby to find a replacement piece.  I am so happy I kept them.  I already know where I am going to hang them.

I love being able to save stuff from being thrown out.  I was a little sad that I didn’t collect as much stuff as I wanted during spring cleaning week.  Next year I will make a harder push to get what I want from the boulevard even if my husband thinks it’s clutter.

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