Fifty Shades of Bacon

We decided to make a cookbook, but not just any cookbook.  A bacon parody of the Fifty Shades of Grey.  All 50 recipes in this cookbook feature bacon of some sort.  We spent a month cooking up all of these recipes to make sure they were good, then went back and made them even better.

We just received our cookbooks yesterday and I LOVE THEM.  They turned out much better than I expected.  If you need a goofy Christmas gift I suggest you consider this.  Who wouldn’t get a kick out of this bacon themed cookbook?

You can check out our createspace store here.

We also have it listed on Amazon here.

For a little more information you can check out our website at Fifty Shades of Bacon.

If you are considering buying this cookbook but have questions first, please let me know.  I’d love to hear your comments.