Craft Room Remodel

I need a space to be able to do my crafting separate from the rest of the house.  I have been looking at other peoples craft rooms via pinterest and I am inspired.

Here is what my loft/crafting space looks like now.

Pretty basic right now.  Almost everyone I know lines their stuff along the outside perimeter of the room.   I want to change that with my remodel.

It is a wide open room that currently serves many purposes.  Storage, guest room and a craft room of some sort.  If I can make it a space that I can work and is organized I will want to be in there more.  This space actually was part of the reason we bought this house.  It has a cool spiral staircase from the sun-room with lots of windows and skylights.  Pretty awesome space if I do say so.

Here is a quick rendering of what I want it to look like.

Please don’t mind my elementary drawing.  I did not have a ruler.  🙂

I plan on buying some cabinets from our ReStore – Habitat for Humanity stores in our area.  You really don’t know what you will find when you shop here.  If I can find about 5-6 base cabinets that I can line up against the wall I will be happy.  I don’t care of their exterior condition because I can repaint them and put on new hardware. I may need to buy new counter top but I may find a green alternative when I shop.

I also want to add some shelving from IKEA so I can organize my crafting supplies.

If you follow my blog I will be updating my progress along the way.

Do you have any spring projects you want to accomplish on your home?  I would love to hear about it.