DIY Toothpaste

Every year around Earth Day I get inspired to make a change to be more environmental.  I happened to find this awesome website Trash is for Tossers, which is just what I was looking for this year.  I have always been intrigued at creating Zero Waste so to find this website right before Earth Day was perfect timing.  I am going to try making my own stuff to eliminate packaging from entering the landfill and also to save a little money and control the chemical ingredients that come in contact with my body.  Below is the recipe for making your own toothpaste right from Trash is for Tossers:

Toothpaste Ingredients: (feel free to double or triple recipe)

2 Tablespoons organic coconut oil

1 Tablespoon baking soda

15-20 drops food grade mint extract

Directions:  Mix it all together.  Store in your medicine cabinet in a cute mason jar.  Run under warm water if too hard, or put in the fridge if too soft.

Happy Earth Day

In celebrating one of my favorite days of the year, I intend on being the ultimate green person.  I feel like I celebrate Earth Day every day, but today I will take it to the max.  This is how I intend on celebrating:

  1. Not taking a shower – I have no where to go and no one to impress.  Taking a shower uses a lot of water, electricity to heat the water and down the line energy to clean to water for reuse.  Not to mention the shampoo and soap you will be using that need energy to make.  I do use BWC (Beauty Without Cruelty) shampoo and Grandpa’s soaps which are healthier and better for the environment so I do feel a bit better about that.  I hate pouring scented chemical laden products on my body so it can absorb and cause damage. – No thank you!
  2. Not driving anywhere – I will walk over to visit my folks since they are in walking distance.  Like I said above, I really don’t have anywhere else to go so driving somewhere, like the mall, just to kill time is un-needed today.
  3. Conserving electricity – I do this every day as it is.  I even do it for my husband (by turning off the lights after him).  Today I will unplug electronics not in use, not turn on the TV just to entertain myself and be efficient when I am using electricity.
  4. Prepare a donation to the local thrift store – This may not be the most green thing, but by donating stuff to the thrift store that is still good quality will prevent garbage.  In completing the cycle, I also shop at the thrift store.  I rarely buy books brand new, nor furniture.  I love going to thrift stores or even antique stores in order to find what I need.

So what do I intend on doing today?  I have a few things on my agenda:

  1. Knit – Last night I went to a knitting party and got reintroduced to knitting.  I gave up when 2 of my scarves turned out like crap.
  2. Read – I have a great book I am reading that I can get some good quality time catching up.
  3. Organize/prepare donation – I want to de-clutter, get rid of stuff that I don’t need that is causing me stress and give it away.
  4. Go for a walk – Enjoy the fresh air and a bit of exercise with my husband and our dog.
  5. Visit with the folks – Doesn’t require any electricity.

I have my day busy with green things to do.  It is almost impossible to completely live without electricity but I will try my best to conserve and be creative with how I use my time.  Please share how you are celebrating Earth Day today!


Earth Day 2012

Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd and it is always one of my favorite days out of the year.  I hear about companies making a switch to operating in a more green fashion and it gives me hope that some day we will change our behavior as a nation.

I have been green since I was a kiddo.  I used to help my dad crush cans, and my parents always separated recycling.  My dad would compost grass clippings and we would always have fresh veggies from our own garden.  And my mom has also passed on her canning knowledge to me.  I have only expanded my desires to seek a more green life.

Somethings that I do to reduce my impact (and now seem unnoticeable):

1.  Bike to work once in a while (when it isn’t cold, raining, snowing or windy).

2.  Hang my clothes on the line to dry.

3.  Drive more efficiently (keep the car empty, I don’t gun it on a green light and I break efficiently).  See this post from an article I posted on driving more efficiently.

4.  I eat garden fruits and veggies.  We subscribe to a CSA for organic veggies and can what we can to save our extra share for the winter months.  It helps support the local economy and we are also eating organic.

5.  Turn off the lights.  I usually end up turning off the lights for my husband too.

6.  I use organic products.  I do not slather on lotions or hair sprays.  I find them un-useful anyways and very un-green.

7.  I keep things as long as they are still useful.  I keep my cellphones until they either don’t carry a charge longer than an hour, or don’t turn on any more.  My car is 12 years old and I don’t intend on upgrading.  I barely drive it anyways.  If things still have use, why throw it away?

8.  I recycle EVERYTHING.  More than just plastic, metal and glass.  I recycle all cardboard, magazines, phone books, clothes (donate to a thrift store), paper, junk mail,  batteries, light bulbs and electronic equipment.

9.  I survive on less.  I don’t like clutter and if I think I want to buy something, I put it back and think about it over night.  Usually I forget all about it, which means I didn’t really need it.

10.  Instead of using garage bags we use our pet food bags when they are empty.  They have a lining that is water proof and instead of throwing them away without using them we repurpose them into garbage bags.  I even ask my parents to save their pet food bags for us.

11.  I spread the word.  I like to get other people to understand the importance of recycling and living a simpler life.   I was told about “The Story of Stuff Project” from a friend at my Toastmaster club.  It gives a visual story of the life cycle of products and shows how wasteful we as humans are.

12.  I bring my own bags to grocery stores.  Or else if I can just carry it out I will just ask for no bag.  I also use a reusable lunch box and plastic food storage.

13.  I make my own laundry detergent.  We use green cleaners when we can.

14.  We buy in bulk whenever it is possible.

15.  I lean to purchasing green products and products that uses less packaging.  I love shopping at thrift stores because it is re-purposing goods that would otherwise be discarded.  I also bring in my unused retail hangers and shopping bags because they can use them.

I want to keep expanding on this list because there are so many ways that I live green in my daily life that I don’t even notice any more.  These things have become such a habit for me that is just routine.  My husband needs reminding on what can be recycled and such but he supports me in my desire to live a green life.