Frugality: You can save money being green!

I like saving money, especially if I can also be green at the same time.  Being frugal is what I like to call it.  I like saving a little here and there, try not to be wasteful and not spending on things that are not really needed.  I am not saying buying some name brand clothes is off limits, but buy clothes that is good quality and will last.  Being frugal is different than being cheap…a point my husband makes very clear to me at times.  Sometimes I have been known to be cheap.  For example, I will never buy a can opener at Walmart ever again just because it’s cheaper.  It is cheaper for a reason.  For certain hard working kitchen objects, it is essential to buy good quality so you do not have to replace it every year.

I wanted to give some examples of being frugal (saving money) and being green (helping the environment).  It is nice to multitask.

1.  Buy rechargeable batteries.  You will have to buy a battery recharger, but in the long run, you will save money and lots of batteries will NOT be sent to the garbage.  If you do have batteries that are used up, you can bring them into stores that will dispose of them responsibly.

2.  Hang dry your clothes when you can.  It lengthens the life on the clothes considerably because they are not tossed around in the dryer.  Also, you save lots of money and electricity by using the dryer.  I personally think that the clothes smell better when they are on the line.  The clothes dryer is one of the highest energy hogs in the home.

3.  Use ceiling fans. It is cheaper than running your air conditioning and it uses less energy – thus saving you money.

4.  If you can, purchase re purposed ink cartridges.  You know the ones that you send in that are empty.  They can refill them and resell them.  This completes the recycling cycle.

5.  Reduce your gas consumption in 2 ways.  First, bike when you can.  Last year I biked to work and back.  I was able to postpone filling my gas tank for over 2 months.  This is over $100 savings on just gas for that.  Gas is becoming obscenely expensive so it will just be easier to spend more and more money on gas.  Second, buy a push mower.  One of those old fashion kind.  Mowers can release lots of fumes in to the air.  Or you can dig up all of your grass and plant a flower bed or vegetable garden.

Those are just a couple of ideas that come to my mind now.  I plan to add more as I go because I want you to save money, and be green as well!  Cheers!