Gardening Inspiration

Now is the time of year that you start to think about getting your garden in.  I have been able to find a few projects that I want to make that includes adding some green to your indoor and outdoor spaces.

1.  I went shopping at Anthropology and was inspired by their succulent displays.  They were using different size milk cartons and filling them with concrete.  The rough exterior of the concrete mixed with softness of the succulents is a nice juxtaposition for a garden.  I found this on pinterest so I may use some combination of square and round.

2.  I have been collecting different styles of wine bottle and beer bottles and wanted to cut them for either vases or like this outdoor lighting.  This looks like a cool project for those of you who entertain outside.

3.  I always wanted an herb garden for inside but since we have 3 cats we could never figure out how to keep them out of it.  I am going to try this for our most popular herbs like basil, cilantro and chives so we don’t need to go out in our garden when we are cooking.

4.  Finally, I am going to plant some succulents.  I just love the look of them when you have several colors and sizes next to each other.  We have a large porch that I will plant some of these to add interest to our otherwise boring porch.

I hope these ideas have left you inspired to add a little green to your garden.  If you have any other creative crafting or gardening ideas I would love to hear about them.