Weekly Going Green Tips: Stop the Junk Mail!

Per Earth911.com, “each year 19 billion catalogs are mailed to American consumers.”  For these 19 billion catalogs, 53 million trees are cut down.  Also, “most catalog companies don’t use recycled paper.”  A high percentage of this mail is considered junk and is tossed out immediately.

Instead of just bringing in your mail, throwing it or letting it pile up on the table creating clutter, why not take care of it right away?  Your table will stay clean and you will produce less waste.  What I mean, let’s remove our names from unwanted mailing lists!  It will save us time and frustration down the line.

Going forward, for all of the catalogs that I get that are unwanted, I am going to take action to remove my name from mailing lists.  I used to work in a call center for a catalog company. The way it works, is catalog companies can sell your name to other catalog companies.  The pile of unwanted catalogs can add up if you don’t take care if it right away.  Just think of the 53 billing trees that are being cut down for junk mail.

Besides just calling the contact number on the catalog there are other methods of removing your name from all mailing lists.

1.  www.catalogchoice.org – you create an account, then log in when you have a catalog you wish to be removed from.  Search by catalog name then it will pull up a summary of what the catalog is.  You can use multiple names (can include all family members names) and addresses (which you update from your profile.)  One thing I like about this site is you can opt to receive an email from the publisher once they acknowledge your request.  The site seems very user friendly.  However, I am not sure if the publishers are required to remove your name, or how they get your request OR how long it will take.  A lot of unanswered questions here.

2.  dmachoice.org – you log in, click on the hyperlink of the catalog that you want to remove your name from.  You then are given the contact email or phone number.  Maybe I assumed they would do the dirty work for you, but it seems like just as much work to locate the number on the catalog and call without logging in.

If you removed your name from all of the mailing lists you do not want, just think of all of the time savings you would have?  No more sorting through all the junk you receive, but you will only get mail that you want/need.  So far, catalogchoice seems to be my favorite for now.  I urge you to take 5 minutes to sign up and save a few trees!