DIY Linen Spray

Every time I buy cleaners at the store I always have to buy them with the spray contraption.  I wish there were more cleaners that would allow you to buy in bulk and you can reuse the spray bottle.  Instead of throwing away my latest spray bottle, I decided to reuse it to make some linen spray.

I really love aromatherapy and it may be the one type of scent that doesn’t drive my sinuses batty.  I have several scents that I have purchased from our local vitamin store that I will use for this project.

This is what you will need:

One spray bottle

1 tsp essential oil (any scent)

1/4 cup unflavored vodka

3 1/2 cups filtered water

I was inspired by One Good Thing to make this recipe.  There are other great recipes for household needs on that website.

Instructions:  Mix vodka and oil in spray bottle.  Then add the water and shake or stir.  Before using it make sure to shake it well so the oils disperse throughout mixture.

I plan on using this specifically in my bed before I make it each morning.  I will spray some on so when I go to bed, the lavender (which I plan on using) will relax us into a sweet slumber.

*Disclaimer – After mixing this and spraying it on my couch and on my bed my house I could smell vodka immediately.  I suggest using only 1/8 cup of vodka instead or none at all.  Make sure to mix it well before you spray each time.  The vodka is added to help it dry faster.