Homemade Lip Gloss

I finally found a use for Vaseline!  A good use too!  If you are looking for a good gift for a female friend, you can make lots of lip gloss, then package it with a DIY facial scrub that I plan to make later today.  These are easy to make.  It just requires about 5 minutes of your time.



Here is what you will need:



Mixing bowl

Knife and fork

Container to put the finished product in


1.  Take the mixing bowl (I used an old baby food jar) and put about 3 tablespoons of vaseline in it.  You can always add more as you go.  It is really just an estimate.

2.  Chop off about a half inch of lip stick into the mixing bowl.

3.  Using your fork mix the two ingredients until well combined.  My lipstick had a bit of shimmer in it already, but if you have some blush that has some sparkle, you can add a dash of this also.


4.  Once combined, you will fill your small tub/bowl with a twist top with your lip gloss.  Use your knife to smooth the top so it’s flat.


5.  Done!  Easy, wasn’t it?  Now you just have to give away.