Repurposed Organizer

My husband and I are planning on moving from Fargo ND to Southern California within the next year.  We don’t know exactly where yet, but somewhere between San Francisco and San Diego.  A lot can happen until then, but we are starting the planning process.

We went through our closets this last weekend.  Actually my husband started, then I thought it would be a good idea to go through those dark corners of my closet that never see the light of day.

In our planning of moving we intend to rid our lives of LOTS of stuff.  We will end up living in half the square footage so having just the things that are most important to us will come with.  I am eager to start going through our stuff and prepare for a massive rummage sale even though we don’t know if it is 100% sure we are going.  The thought on living with less or living a simpler life intrigues me so much.

I noticed in my closet I had a stack of scarf that looked like a cluttered mess.  I found a re-use for my husbands slack stacker (not sure what they are called).  It hangs my scarves nicely so I will be able to grab and go without the closet mess.   I am looking for more ways to organize and would love to hear of your tips on containing the clutter.