Homemade Paper Hearts

The blog about paper butterflies was a popular post.  I was wondering if we could make anything else sort of like that.  And I came up with paper hearts.  It basically follows the same steps as the paper butterflies, but you just need half of the butterfly and you just pinch the bottom and round the corners.

I wanted to use red magazine pages, since hearts are red.  You can make these of any size.  It is actually much easier to hang too.

What you will need:

Scrap Magazines




You want to follow the same instructions from the DIY Paper Butterflies.  They are created almost the same way with one less step.

1.  Cut a diamond shape from the magazine, then fold the pages like a fan.

2.  Fold it length-wise, then put a line of glue down the center of the heart, add ribbon on top of the glue, then press together for a moment until the glue adheres.

3.  Fan out the “fan” a bit in order to round the tops of the hearts.

4.  Hang where ever you wish.

Make sure to cut different size hearts, and hang them at different heights for interest.

The picture above is blurry because my kitties thought it would be a fun toy.

One of my friends borrowed me her sewing machine!  I look forward to creating lots of cool things while I have it.  The first thing is t-shirt bags.  Hope you will check in again soon!