DIY Silk Tie Dyed Eggs

Since Easter is just a week away I thought I would try something I have never tried before.  Last night was the first time that I have ever heard of this: using silk to dye an Easter egg.  We were having our first fire pit of the season and invited a few friends over.  Somehow over our conversation this technique to using silk to color eggs came up.  I had to look this up.

Martha Stewart told me it’s possible.  I had to try this.

I went shopping at our local thrift store to look for some cheap silk ties.  Luckily they were having a half off yellow tag’d clothing so I got two for under $2.50. They are pretty ugly, huh?

So I tore them apart.  Basically just cut a couple of threads in the back and they all unraveled.  I then cut just enough silk to wrap around my eggs.  I made sure that the outside of the fabric was closest to the raw egg when I tied them.  Make sure the eggs are raw because you will be cooking them.

Then I wrapped some white fabric around the silk.  I think this is to prevent it from bleeding.  I used some cut up white t-shirts my husband wanted to throw away.  Then pop it in some water on the stove.  Martha Stewart’s website said to use enamel or glass pot.  I didn’t have one of those so I used a stainless steel pot.

Make the water boil, then turn it down to simmer and cook for 20 minutes this way.  Once they are cool, go ahead and remove the fabric and silk.

My purple one didn’t turn out but I wasn’t sure if that was actually silk or not.  It was just the inside of the tie.  The other two didn’t turn out half bad.  I don’t think that I wrapped them tight enough.  I was afraid of cracking the egg and having to start over.  Next time I try this I will be more prepared.  This will be a fun project for kids, especially when they get to unwrap them.  Fun and a little nontraditional.

Things you will need:



Enamel, Glass or Stainless Steel pot


3 Tbs Vinegar


Rubber Bands