Single Use Plastic and the Problem it Causes

One of the worst detriments to our environment is single use plastic.  Plastic does not decompose and the amount of products that we use that contain single use plastic is enormous.

Examples of Single Use Disposable Plastic:

  1.   Straws
  2.   Plastic Bags
  3.   Keurig Pods and Coffee Cups
  4.   Water Bottles
  5.   Plastic Silverware
  6.   TV Dinners
  7.   Plastic Cups

Many of these above things are unnecessary and are only used for convenience.  There is something to say about convenience, of course, but is it convenient for the environment?  These single use disposable plastic items are tossed out without much thought.  They go to the landfill where they sit forever.   They don’t decompose and sometimes the end up back in the environment where animals eat or get strangled from it.  You can see the damage it causes to animals here.

During a morning run, I noticed several straws littering the boulevard and decided to tally all that I could collect on a one mile circle.

10 single use plastic straws collecting on a 1 mile run

10 minutes and 10 straws were picked up.  This doesn’t include any other trash ready to get swept down the storm drains.

I challenge you to the following actions to combat single use plastic:

  1.   Say no to straws.
  2.   Bring in reusable bags to the store.
  3.   Use a reusable coffee cup, water bottle and cups.
  4.   Make more homemade meals.

It only takes the creation of a new habit.

  1.   Committing to a new habit may take 3 to 4 weeks to become a norm.
  2.   Start small.
  3.   Being vocal about your request doesn’t always work perfectly.  Sometimes you ask for no straw but you get one anyways but at least you tried.

I am going to challenge myself and you to bring along a bag on my walks around the neighborhood or the beach.   Create a habit to reduce the amount of single use plastic or any trash that ends up in the landfill and rivers that can have a devastating affect on our wildlife.