Origami Butterflies

Origami is a great way to create a unique backdrop or centerpiece with just using a bit of paper.   I am in love with butterflies so I found this easy origami technique and had to try it myself.  I am a visual learner so here are simple instructions with photos:

PicMonkey Collage Row One 1

1.  First you have to start with a perfect square.  I had some already cut paper in long strips so I just folded one edge over to meet the other to form a triangle, then cut.

2.  Fold it diagonally both ways, then in half both ways as above.

3.  Fold the left and right sides inwards as above.  It will turn into a triangle when flattened out.

PicMonkey Collage 22

4.  Start with the triangle so the flat edge is at top.  Then pull down the left and right edge towards the bottom center (left photo).

5.  Flip butterfly to other side and pull down the center top so the tip overhangs the flat bottom.

6.  Flip butterfly over again and fold the tip over to the other side.  Slightly bend inwards the sets of wings.  This will separate the bottom wings a bit.

Once you get the folding steps down you can do one of these in 15 seconds or less.

Now you can place a dot of glue over that little tab you folded over so everything stays in place, but if you do, it’s no longer origami, but Kirigami.


Ways you can use origami butterflies:

1.  Baby mobile or hang them from the ceiling in a kids room.

2.  Artwork – use a few of different sizes and use pins to adhere them to the back so they pop.

3.  A backdrop for a wedding or implement them into place settings or table numbers.

4.  In replace of a bow for wrapped presents.

5.  Window displays in stores.

6.  As a cat wand toy.

7.  Get a bare branch and paint it a metallic color or black.  Glue some brightly colored butterflies to the branch.  Can be used as art in the house.

8.  Christmas ornaments (used wrapping paper).

9.  Wedding cake toppers/decor.

10.  Party garland.

I used scrapbook paper, but you can also use homemade paper, newspaper,  wrapping paper, book or magazine pages.  Each of these different papers will create a way different look.

My Unique Wedding Experience

One of my good friends, Nadine married herself.  Yes I said it.  You may wonder how that’s possible.  She sent me a link about a year ago to a website on how you can go about throwing yourself a wedding.  She asked me if I would be a guest.  I didn’t hesitate.  Yes!

For a while it seemed forgotten.  Then a couple of months ago I got an excited voice messaging saying the wedding was on and she asked me to be her photographer.  My first time being a wedding photographer.

The ceremony was similar to a typical wedding but excluded the groom.  The purpose of the wedding wasn’t to commit to another person. It was to commit to oneself.  During the vows, Nadine repeated, “I promise to love myself like I love those whom I most treasure.  I promise to kick my own ass when I need it and not expect others to do it for me.  I promise to accept that I am totally responsible for my own happiness,” and so on.

In reality, we all want these things for ourselves too.  Most of us decide not to go as far as marrying ourselves and treating ourselves good usually comes last.  I respect Nadine for going through with the wedding even if there were some who didn’t support it.   This wedding inspired me to treat myself with a little more kindness and to take responsibility for my happiness, like the vows said.

After the vows were said Nadine presented herself a ring that had significance to her.  She uses this ring to remind her of the vows she promised herself.  Several guests offered readings and funny stories to the bride.  And, instead of the symbolic kiss to a husband, Nadine and the audience blew kisses to the whole world.

Nadine had over 40 close family and friends attend the wedding. Everyone there supported her, chanted with her and kissed the world with her in her yoga-New Orleans themed wedding. I was proud to be a part of her special day. <3

A reception included a couple of king cakes in traditional New Orleans fashion (the honeymoon choice of the bride).  Guests chatted over cake, hot tea or coffee while they wandered through the ECCE art gallery in downtown Fargo.

To the brides surprise, the local paper caught wind of this unique wedding and wanted to feature it in the Fargo Forum.  A couple of days later it made the front page.  There has been a lot of media attention on this type of ceremony.  Some people may find it silly but to me, it’s an inspiring way to show to the world that you love yourself.