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I had an idea while gardening this weekend.  I observed many little ways I was being green without even thinking about it and I want to share it.  I want to give you a couple of ways to be green a week and tell you why it’s a greener alternative.  This will be more than tips other websites give you.  I want to go a little further and find some research to support my ideals.  My first post like this will revolve around gardening.

  • I hate chemicals.  I equally hate dandelions, but I will never combine the two.  I decided to de-dandelion my yard without the use of chemical weed killers.  I just took my little gardening hand shovel and dug under the weed and pulled it up.   Environmental Health News states, “Roundup’s inert ingredients amplified the toxic effect on human cells…particularly embryonic, placental and umbilical cord cells.”  This is easy to believe with the maker of Roundup being Monsanto, one of the largest producers of genetically modified seeds.
  • Mow efficiently.  I come from parents (my dad) who likes to make his lawn      look perfect.  He likes to mow zig-zag like.  I think he does this to one-up the neighbors who have an equally perfect lawn.  When I am out there mowing, I want to get it done quickly.  Also, mow when it’s morning or dusk.  During cooler parts of the day less gas fumes will burn off, ie more efficient.
  • Or you could change to an electric or human powered machine.  The Daily Green states, “a typical gas mower can be up to 30-times more polluting than an automobile.”
  • Lose the yard.  I wouldn’t suggest this if you use your yard lots for activities.  If you have a yard that is thin and doesn’t get enough sun, try using ground cover instead.  This stuff doesn’t need to get mowed.  I actually intend on digging up the east side of our house that is narrow and planting a flower garden and a path with ground cover.  I don’t like mowing back here anyways since it is so narrow.

That was just a few tips on going green in your garden.  Simple things you all can do.  I have been looking out for a human powered mower at our local thrift store.  My parents picked one up there that was almost brand new.  You never know what you will find at a thrift store.

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