DIY – How To Build Greenhouse Shelves for under $25! DIY Greenhouses 

DIY – How To Build Greenhouse Shelves for under $25!

Source: Youtube Green House (Abba Patio) (For 15% OFF use code: Jason15 @ ) The Ranch Fly Traps – WAYS TO SUPPORT – Use our Amazon link when buying anything (stays active for 24 hours after clicking our link) Donate to PayPal (Please leave us a note so we can thank you!) Patreon Buying T-shirts and Merchandise (or a banner will appear under every YouTube Video of ours) **SUPPORT US BY WATCHING ADS TOO!** Jason Crocker PO Box 2164 Quinlan, Tx 75474 Facebook & IG The Crocker Homestead…

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NASA taps CMU to develop robots to help turn pits on the Moon into potential habitats Technology 

NASA taps CMU to develop robots to help turn pits on the Moon into potential habitats

Lunar rovers are cool – but imagine how much cooler they’d be if they could also rappel. Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University will try to make rappelling robots a reality, after having been selected by NASA as the recipient of a new $2 million research grant aimed at coming up with new technology to help robots explore ‘pits’ on the Moon.

Yes, pits, as distinct from craters, which are essentially surface features caused by meteorite impacts. These pits are more akin to sinkholes or caves on earth, with surface access but also with large underground hollow caverns and spaces that might provide easier access to minerals and water ice – and that might even serve as ready-made shelter for future Lunar explorers.

CMU Robotics Institute Professor Red Whittaker put forward a potential mission design that would aim to use intelligent, agile and fast robots to study these pits close up, since the they’ve been spotted by lunar orbital observers but these images don’t really provide the ki..

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5G reportedly coming to premium iPhones in 2020, all models in 2021 Technology 

5G reportedly coming to premium iPhones in 2020, all models in 2021

The latest report from renowned Apple leaker Ming-Chi Kuo already has an eye on 2020 and beyond. The news lines up with other reports around future iPhones, noting that the high-end versions of the handset are set to get 5G in the second half of next year. By 2021, all models are set to be on-board with the next-gen wireless standard.

The report is inline with recent rumors that have the company holding off on 5G until 2020. That puts Apple somewhat behind the curve of a number of Android manufacturers who have been racing to get the technology to market. Of course, those companies (including Samsung, LG and even OnePlus) may be putting the cart before the horse, with wireless carriers providing extremely limited access to the tech through the end of 2019.

Apple’s 5G iPhone conundrum

Apple’s push into 5G is believed to be a primary driver behind the company’s recent decision to make nice with Qualcomm, though Kuo believes that the company is shooting for 2022/2023 to begin manufactu..

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MIT develops a system to give robots more human senses Technology 

MIT develops a system to give robots more human senses

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) have developed a new system that could equip robots with something we take for granted: the ability to link multiple senses together.

The new system created by CSAIL involves a predictive AI that’s able to learn how to see using its ‘sense’ of touch, and vice versa. That might sound confusing, but it’s really mimicking something people do every day, which is look at a surface, object or material and anticipate what that thing will feel like once touched, ie. whether it’ll be soft, rough, squishy, etc.

The system can also take tactile, touch-based input and translate that into a prediction about what it looks like – kind of like those kids’ discovery museums where you put your hands into random boxes and try to get at the objects you find within.

These examples probably don’t help in terms of articulating why this is actually useful to build, but an example provided by CSAIL should make that more apparent. ..

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Comcast adds gaze control to its accessible remote software Technology 

Comcast adds gaze control to its accessible remote software

The latest feature for Comcast’s X1 remote software makes the clicker more accessible to people who can’t click it the same as everyone else. People with physical disabilities will now be able to change the channel and do all the usual TV stuff using only their eyes.

TVs and cable boxes routinely have horrendous interfaces, making the most tech-savvy among us recoil in horror. And if it’s hard for an able-bodied person to do, it may well be impossible for someone who suffers from a condition like ALS, or has missing limbs or other motor impairments.

Voice control helps, as do other changes to the traditional 500-button remote we all struggled with for decades, but gaze control is now beginning to be widely accessible as well, and may prove an even better option.

Comcast’s latest accessibility move — this is one area where the company seems to be genuinely motivated to help its customers — is to bring gaze control to its Xfinity X1 web remote…

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Clockwise nabs $11M Series A to make your calendar smarter Technology 

Clockwise nabs $11M Series A to make your calendar smarter

Almost every organization, regardless of size, is inundated with meetings, so much so it’s often hard to find dedicated time do actual work. Clockwise wants to change that by bringing machine learning to the calendar to help employees free up time. Today, it announced an $11 million Series A investment, and made the product, which had been in Beta, generally available.

The round was co-led led by Greylock and Accel . Other investors included Slack Fund, Michael Ovitz, Ellen Levy, George Hu, Soraya Darabi, SV Angel and Jay Simons. The company has raised a total of $13 million.

Matt Martin, CEO and co-founder at Clockwise says the company’s mission is to help employees make time for what matters, and they are doing that by applying machine learning to the calendar to free up blocks of time to concentrate on work. Calendars have tended to be pretty static and this provides a way to bring a level of intelligence to automatically shift meetings to a better time when it makes sense.

You d..

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Alibaba proposes share split ahead of reported $20B Hong Kong IPO Technology 

Alibaba proposes share split ahead of reported $20B Hong Kong IPO

Alibaba is being heavily linked with a public listing in Hong Kong, which could reportedly happen in Q3 and raise up to $20 billion. The firm is keeping quiet on those rumors, but it did let slip a major hint after it announced plans for a stock split.

Filings uploaded today (but originally released Friday) announced a proposal for a one-to-eight stock split.

Shareholders are invited to vote on the offer ahead of the company’s annual general meeting on July 15. The initiative has already been approved by Alibaba’s board, which is recommending that shareholders follow suit.

The particularly interesting part of the filing is where Alibaba explains the reasons behind the stock split.

“The Board of Directors is proposing the Share Subdivision to increase the flexibility for the Company in future capital market activities. Among other reasons, the one-to-eight share subdivision will increase the number of shares available for issuance at a lower per share price, and the Board of Directo..

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Meet Hatch Baby’s portable, WiFi-enabled sleep device Rest+ Technology 

Meet Hatch Baby’s portable, WiFi-enabled sleep device Rest+

Menlo Park-based Hatch Baby has prided itself on introducing “smart” nursery devices — including Grow, a changing pad with a built-in scale and Rest, a device doubling as a sound machine and night light.

Now, the company is introducing an updated version of Rest with Rest+ as part of an effort to help further establish Hatch Baby in the family sleep space.

The Rest+ device will still have the sound machine, night light and a “time to rise” feature found in the original. But, with feedback from many customers and Amazon reviews, Hatch Baby has now included the addition of an audio monitor and a clock.

The audio monitor is essential for letting parents check in on baby while they sleep without going into the room and potentially waking the baby up.

The clock is also a fantastic addition, in my opinion, especially for those with toddlers who can read numbers. These little people are big enough to get out of their beds but not mature enough to know moms and dads need to sleep at 4 a.m…

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PayFit raises $79 million for its payroll service Technology 

PayFit raises $79 million for its payroll service

French startup PayFit is raising a new $79 million funding round (€70 million) from Eurazeo and Bpifrance. The company first started with a payroll service for small and medium companies in France. It has evolved into a full-fledged HR solution for multiple European countries.

PayFit uses a software-as-a-service approach so that small companies can easily manage payroll and HR information from a web browser. Everything stays up-to-date and compliant with labor regulation.

After you enter information about your employees, PayFit automatically generates pay slips every month. Your employees receive an email when their pay slips are ready. If somebody is getting a raise, you can connect to your PayFit account and modify an amount for all pay slips going forward.

When it comes to payroll taxes, the service automatically reminds you when you have to pay them and how much you’re supposed to pay. You can also generate exports for your accountant, see reports about your staff, etc.

And Pay..

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